Special Needs Siblings: Scholarship Opportunity

Special Needs Siblings: Scholarship Opportunity

Yow Sibling Scholarship


Yow Sibling Small Scholarship Application: Due May 31, 2017 by 11:59pm

Requirements for Scholarship: must be a college student who ACTIVELY participates in taking care of their sibling with a physical ailment, physical disease, and/or physical disability. Must be enrolled as full time student, and must not be on academic probation. The limitations are not bound by state or university in which the individual attends. —email proof of enrollment at a University to Bella Soul (does not need to be a transcript; scholarship is not based on GPA but will be taken into account)






Please write a 3 page double spaced story about the triumphs and struggles of helping to take care of your sibling with a disease/disorder. Include answers to the following questions: Explain your day to day routine. Explain what you have learned from your sibling who is confronting a disability. What advice would you give to another individual confronting similar adversity?

Link for more information: http://livebellasoul.org/scholarships/sibling-scholarship

Special Needs Siblings: Jack & Stuey 

Special Needs Siblings: Jack & Stuey 

Super Sibling Submitted by Dad!

Hi there, this is Jack and his big brother Stuey.

Jack has Idic15, autism, heart block and Lennox Gastaut syndrome Epilepsy. 3 1/2 years ago after an awful tonic clinic seizure Jack had stopped breathing , Stuey stayed calm and administered CPR and saved Jacks life , the doctors said without Stueys intervention We would have had a different outcome . Jack is 17 soon and is having VNS surgery very soon.

We are proud to honor you Stuey! Thank you for being such an amazing brother! ❤️