Where Have We Been

Where Have We Been


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Please join us on our NEW and IMPROVED website www.specialneedssiblings.com !! We have transitioned and hope you can come too!! We miss you but we are back!! Thank you for giving me the support and encouragement to continue! We are a strong community and I pray we continue to grow and improve.



Special Needs Siblings: Jack & Stuey 

Special Needs Siblings: Jack & Stuey 

Super Sibling Submitted by Dad!

Hi there, this is Jack and his big brother Stuey.

Jack has Idic15, autism, heart block and Lennox Gastaut syndrome Epilepsy. 3 1/2 years ago after an awful tonic clinic seizure Jack had stopped breathing , Stuey stayed calm and administered CPR and saved Jacks life , the doctors said without Stueys intervention We would have had a different outcome . Jack is 17 soon and is having VNS surgery very soon.

We are proud to honor you Stuey! Thank you for being such an amazing brother! ❤️