We beganย Special Needs Siblingsย in May 2015 with the hope to bring awareness and support to our special needs community. We found in speaking with parents and siblings that there is a great need to support the siblings in the special needs families. The parents are too often strained emotionally, financially, and physically when dealing with their disabled child that sometimes the typical child does not get the same needed attention. This has been known to cause different problems, ex. resentment, anger, jealousy. There were also greater possibilities of behavior issues with the siblings of special needs siblings. We additionally noticed that the siblings are often full of compassion and empathy for others in greater capacities than their peers. We want to be able to strengthen the family and sibling bond. Our communities do so much for the disabled individual, but we would like to go one step further by bringing recognition and attention to the siblings who stand by them.

Special Needs Siblingsย is a branch of the Non-Profit John and JeJuan Stewart ย Jr. Foundation, est in 2012.